Chadwick Baseball Bureau

The baseball data scientists and historians

Chadwick Baseball Bureau supports baseball professionals, analysts, and the broader research community by curating current and historical baseball data sources, and producing reproducible builds of datasets. We create value for our clients and for the community by allowing users to focus on understanding and acting on data, by efficiently handling data collection and integration at scale.

We provide data to a number of high-profile clients across the industry, including being a primary provider of historical statistical data for Baseball Reference for major, minor, international, collegiate, and summer collegiate competitions.

From curation to compilation

As historians we place a high value on curating and organising source information. Further, in a digital world, statistics and other data can be ephemeral, especially as leagues and platforms come and go. As an independent organisation, we work with leagues and platforms to improve the quality of their data, and to archive published information. We are therefore able to focus on looking after history as a whole, linking across countries, governing bodies, and levels of play, in the current season and across time.

To get a flavour for our approach, you can read about how we are building the comprehensive data resource on the history of the minor leagues.

For the community

We provide a number of tools and resources on an Open Source/Open Data basis:

How can we help you?

We provide a range of data feeds, which we can customise in terms of scope, frequency, and delivery format to suit your needs. For more information, contact Dr T L Turocy, on ted (dot) turocy (at) gmail (dot) com.

Staying in touch

For the latest news on our data and software releases, and commercial products, follow us on Twitter at @chadwickbureau and like us on Facebook as chadwickbureau.