Writing baseball history in tidy datasets

Chadwick Baseball Bureau supports baseball professionals, analysts, and the broader research community by curating current and historical baseball data sources, and producing reproducible builds of datasets in tidy, standard formats. We create value for our clients and for the community by allowing users to focus on understanding and acting on information, rather than spending their time compiling and integrating it.

We provide data to a number of high-profile clients across the industry, including being a primary provider of historical statistical data for Baseball Reference  for major, minor, international, collegiate, and summer collegiate competitions.

For our professional clients, we provide a range of data feeds, which we can customise in terms of scope, frequency, and delivery format to suit your needs.

For the latest news on our data and software releases, and commercial products, follow us on Twitter at @chadwickbureau and like us on Facebook as chadwickbureau.

For enquiries about our services, contact the Bureau’s principal, Dr T L Turocy, on ted (dot) turocy (at) gmail (dot) com.